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A_E, the grand patriarch of the Fire Eagles, had a rather ignoble birth. He was born among humans and both he and his brother Lopey were summarily abandoned at a young age. Both were rescued from the pound and raised as pets. Here he was introduced to his mate, Flamey, and fathered his first litter: Bold, Daring, Friendly, Fox_e, Hunter, Bounder and Dreamer.

As Lopey and his mate had a litter of pups as well, it quickly became clear that the backyard where they lived was becoming overcrowded, so the lupes took their families and journeyed far into the wilderness, where they built their pack in the shadow of the Wilderness Mountains. There they formed an alliance with the Mt. Desri lupes and the beginning of the Fire Eagles was born.

About A_EEdit

A_E's name stands for American Eagle, and the name suits him well. Like his namesake, he is strong, noble and wise. He rules his pack with a fair paw, and he welcomes anyone into his territory and treats them as family so long as they respond in kind.

A_E carries fire elemental powers, which appear intermittently throughout his bloodline. He remained loyal to his mate Flamey throughout his life and sired a total of sixteen pups: those above in addition to Dante, Alikra, Cloud, Arrow, Slade, Frost, Creamy, Silver Eagle and Bright. He also has innumerable nieces, nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren populating his homeland.

Following the Raid, A_E finally succumbed to old age and passed away, leaving his pack in the capable paws of his offspring.