Aurelia is the mother of Lorne and Eddie, the a former member of the Nantika Clan and the former mate of Faeori. She's pretty much been reduced to fretting about in Ulryk's territory and spending a not-strictly-healthy amount of time with Eddie.


Aurelia was born into a really hard-assed, superstitious group of mountain lupes; she grew up terrified that someone would find out about her mind-reading skills and banish her from the pack, a fate that was eventually brought down on her. She was run out of her family and spent several years awkwardly stepping along the edges of life, until she met the mute Faeori and felt her life begin to mean something. Though it took a lot of trying, Aure eventually got pregnant, and that was when Kaeerah came, destroying their pack and killing Faeori in the process. Aurelia was devestated, and never truly recovered. Though she loved the two boys she later gave birth to, she was never able to set aside her grief, and her terrible fears for them; she was a smothering mother. Lorne had the good sense to strike out on his own, but Eddie has remained, his mother's best companion.