Here s Looking At You by Telaka

Lopey and Blazey by DarkOroro

Blazey is mate to Lopey and mother of seven pups: Wolverine, Jean, Scott, Rogue, Rocky and Mist. A long-time friend of Flamey, Blazey is a fountain of quiet maternal strength behind Lopey's wisdom.

Lopey spent most of her time in the gardens with her daughter and pack-healer, Jean, where she helped grow many of the medicinal plants and herbs.

Blazey also had a particular appreciation for cooking, she she was known to create a number of recipes by combining various edible plants with the pack's kills.

Blazey's DeathEdit

During the Raid, Blazey helped to guard the gardens and protect the pups being held there. Unfortunately, an attack came from an unexpected place: Bandit, alpha female of the ESLP and mate of Brute the Savage. Bandit moved swiftly and quietly, sneaking down into the gardens and murdering the old green lupess before anyone even realized the garden's security had been breached. The purpose of this attack was simple, designed only to hurt Lopey where it hurt, and it worked perfectly; Lopey disappeared from the pack shortly after.