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Founding alpha of the ESLP, mate to Bandit and father of Daverone, Slash, Rip, Shred, Snape, Denzyll, Nialic, Outlaw, War, Pearl, Night, Silver, Shard and Mephisto.

History and OriginsEdit

Brute the Savage had a childhood that was both brutal and unremarkable. Born just one in a large family of dark, shadowy lupes, Brute grew to learn the necessity of violence to get what he wanted. He raised his own pups with the same mentality: The strong thrived; the weak were hunted and killed.

He took a mate, Bandit, and together they had their first four pups. The family traveled for a time, occaonally terrorizing local lupe populations, before eventually finding a very promising patch of dark wilderness. There they settled for a time, and fate altered its course irrevocably.

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Formation of the ESLPEdit

Brute's eldest son, Daverone, had always been a terrible disappointment. Though Brute tried his best to teach his pup to grow into his own pawsteps, Daverone insisted on being a pacifist. This finally came to a head when Brute stumbled across a pair of young pups belonging to a family in the wilderness.

Brute killed one pup, but Daverone prevented him from killing the other. This rebellion was unacceptable to the dark male, and he pursued his son ferociously. When Daverone found safe harbor in the Fire Eagles pack, Brute swore vengeance on the lupes who had dared to defy him.

To aid in his revenge, Brute built an alliance with three traitors from Mt. Desri: Max, Slagar and Scringe. He also made an ally in a wandering warrior, Steel, who had a personal grudge against the Eagles. Slowly, members began to trickle in, and the ESLP gained in numbers and power. They also forged an eventual alliance with Dralmorde and his Lupes of the Bleeding Moon.

The War & Brute's DeathEdit

Brute's hatred of the Fire Eagles strengthened over time as they continued to defy him, and what was once a petty grievance soon flared into an all-out war. For many, the first start of true war began when Brute kidnapped the pregnant warrior Tae and stole two of her newborn pups to become members of his own pack. This started what would soon become a long tradition of the pack: pup-thieving. Brute's daughter Slash was particularly well-known for her tendency to steal pups away from the Eagles.

Brute also orchestrated the Raid and several other smaller, vicious attacks on the pack. During the Raid, he was caught in a vicious duel with Storm, a weather-elemental. This resulted in a spectacular show of his own shadow powers, and his pelt was marked forever after with blue lightning bolts over black fur.

All warriors must one day meet their ends, and Brute was finally assassinated by the guerilla warriors Spirit and Omehn on one of their many missions inside the territory. After his death, his grand-son Flint inherited the pack and its war.