Heaven by Telaka

Chevis & KitKat enjoying the afterlife by DarkOroro

Chevis is a strong, wise, noble lupe with a deep respect for family. He was the lupe who suggested the alliance with the Fire Eagles. With his mate KitKat, Chevis bore a total of nine pups: Slagar, Shultz, Mavra, Ama, Khalor, Mucro, Dash, Draman and Altrean.

Of these, two -- Slagar and Mucro -- defected to the enemy ranks. Mucro would later return to sacrifice himself for his family, but Chevis would not live to see it.

Death of ChevisEdit

The Fire Eagles and Mt. Desri packs gathered together to have a massive formal meeting. Its purpose was to formalize the alliance between the packs and help redefine the ranks to accommodate the ever-growing population of both packs. Unfortunately, the meeting took a swift turn for the worst after a small contingency of Lupine Terrors and ESLP lupes swept through the territory. Several were wounded in their wake -- most notably Shadow, a daughter of Wolverine and Tae -- and Chevis was murdered by his own son Slagar.

With Chevis gone, the leadership of the Mt. Desri lupes fell into Khalor's paws.