Daring is the second-eldest of A_E and Flamey's first litter. He and his brother Bold were much alike as youths and spent some time together, exploring and practicing battle skills. Daring, despite the fast pace he lives his life, was always very good humoured and retains an optimistic attitute to life.

History and familyEdit

He was the first of his generation to pair off when he met the sweet cloud Lupe Swift, and the pair had two pups together, Kometto and Sundance. Swift raised them in her own quiet homelands while they were young, while Daring communted to stay a few days with them before departing to check on his family. When the pups were old enough to make their own desicions, they chose to join their father at the Fire Eagles, later joining their allies Mt. Desri - Kometto because his best friend lived there and Sundance becauss she fell in love with one of their warriors.