Dashing is a quirky little dude, Darling's twin brother and one of the Girls at the Leaping Hart. His job, as he would put it, is to look sexy to every single gay lupe that happens to visit, but since that doesn't happen too often, he spends a lot of time bugging his packmates and being sent off to look for project materials by Soli. Dash has a ton of nervous energy, so it works out for the best.

Though he and his sister don't have a great deal in common, they've remained quite close; much like the family dynamic of Soli and his sisters, the twins had a very dysfunctional home environment as pups, and they've come as far as they have by sticking together and looking out for one another. Since Darling is a bruised, wilting flower so much of the time, Dash is in the habit of taking initiative and making decisions for them both; he was the one to sign them up as "Leaping Hart Ladies". He absolutely has a crush on Soli, and generally gets along with everyone in the pack.