Dragon's Spine PeakEdit

In the heart of the Wilderness Mountains lies a peak with a particularly jagged face. From a distance, the shape of it nearly resembles a sleeping dragon, head curled down, the arched, spined neck forming the peak's edge itself. This is home to a familial pack which has resided safely for several generations, cut-off from most of the world by choice.

Accessible only by a narrow pathway in the mountains is a jewel of a valley, with streams and sturdy trees that have no business growing in such a harsh area. Thick grass and a small, carefully tended orchard of fruit trees mark it as home to more than the average lupes. Shallow caves speckle the lower half of the peak itself, offering comfortable shelters to those who reside in the valley.

Residents of Dragon's SpineEdit

A lone demon by the name of Keraz found the ignored valley and saw possibilities immediately. Not suited to gardening or encouraging natural growth, he did, however, make a considerable effort to clear away fallen rocks, bring in what little plant life he thought might survive, and remove any possible threats from the area. This was done solely for the sake of his mate, a lupe named Kinia, and the pups she was carrying.

Within two generations, the valley had flourished, despite the familial difficulties with the loss of two children. A nature spirit named Kami had taken a liking to one of Keraz's great-grandchildren and settled herself in the valley, encouraging growth everywhere her paws tread. Aiding her in this was the angel Sera, also mated to one of Keraz's descendants. Between the two lupesses and their assorted offspring- as well as the enthusiastic aid of the family- they brought the valley into verdant life.

Now it shelters the aging demon and his descendants, and as Keraz ages, he grows more anxious that it remain safe after his passing.

On the Other SideEdit

North of the singular valley and Keraz's pack lies a network of icy caves, exposed to the icy winds by their placement. Within this subterranian shelter lives the twins Regal and Regala, born of Keraz and Linia's first litter. Of a more vicious mindset, Regala crippled her twin and took him away from her parents to settle in the ignored caves.

Despite all propriety, their 'family' has flourished, and Regala's only surviving litter have grown to find mates of their own, spawning into a small pack. Keraz's singular visit to check on his absconded children rescued one pup from Regala's tender care, but left others to grow amidst the glowing, freezing pools and echoing caves.