Gideon, with bonus creepy stuffed animal stare

Gideon is a big sweet bear of a lupe who works security at the Leaping Hart. He's not very good at really looking intimidating yet, despite his hulking stature, because he's the sort of lupe who looks at everyone like they're his new best friend. Pree and the others have been working on getting him to feel that way about his packmates, but to play a convincing Tough Guy with's a work in progress. Anyway, Gideon is easy to love; he assumes the best about people and loves to feel helpful; he is also a little dull, but not exactly dumb. He has an excellent memory for names and faces, and since he cares so much for his packmates, his memory for their lives and histories is also quite impressive.

Gideon would very much like to meet a great girl and settle down someday soon; his main ambition in life is to have a mate and a whole passel of babies. In the meantime, he's nurturing some puppy-love crushes on at least half the females in his pack. What can I say! He's a romantic.