Insolito is the son of Jonsi and Deolaya, and the brother of Phoebe and Pree. He is also the beta of the Leaping Hart, and for the most part directs all of the pack's creative output; prop/costume/instrument design and construction, rehearsals, performance creation and revision, and territory design and cultivation all stem from him, so, needless to say, he's a busy guy.

When he's not barking orders at his little craft-soldiers, Soli is actually a fairly laid-back fellow, rarely completely serious, prone to daydreaming and ludicrous conversations for the sake of amusing himself. Growing up in a family full of opinionated females, he has fitted himself soundly into the role of benevolent third party, always there for a bit of reasonable advice, but unlikely to take sides. He hates fighting, and refuses to take it seriously until it is absolutely necessary.

He is also gay, and spends more time than seems advisable worrying that he's got a case of Forever Alone.


Insolito's early childhood began in the Nantika clan, with his mother, sisters, and the lupe who believed he was his father, Solaires. Soli (whose given name was actually Hero) was a happy pup who enjoyed his family, but adored his father especially, and when Nantika was sacked and Solaires was separated from his family, Soli took the loss very hard. He was generally an easy pup, though, not prone to challenging his mother (inadvertantly, like Phoebe, or intentionally, like Pree) or otherwise finding trouble. He found making friends more difficult as he grew older, and his family continued to move from pack to pack; it seemed harder and harder to fit in with lupes his age, particularly the boys.

He realized in his early teens that he and Pree were not, in fact, Solaires's children, and boy did that feel awful! What felt much worse, though, was confronting his mother about it and getting the least satisfying answers imaginable from her. This prompted possibly the one real fight between Laya and her son, though it meant a lot more to Soli than it did to her. Once the dust had settled, Soli found that he didn't really care much about his mother anymore, though he stayed until the knock-down, drag-out fight that ejected Pree from the family several years later.

Soli and his sisters spent the last of their teen years wandering and plotting out their future, and this is when Soli became more of the lupe he is today: unabashedly himself, chaotically productive. He renamed himself "Insolito", which means rare or unusual, because Hero hit so far from the mark.