Jean is one of Lopey and Blazey's daughters from their first litter. She was highly empathetic towards her siblings in youth as a manifestation of the physic powers she inhirted from her telepathic father, and throughout life her powers have only grown. She began life as a dark maroon Lupe with the normal white markings. In early adulthood she moulted through black and silver flames though the maroon base remained.

Sensitive to her siblings' moods, scrapes and hurts and taking more than a little after Blazey's motherly examples, Jean quickly became the one who patched up her siblings' hurt, both physical and emotional. As she grew she gained an interest in healing and herblore and studied the topic at every chance she could. With one brother hyperactively accident prone, the other always gaining some injury in a scuffle, and two sisters who were constantly off adventuring, Jean soon had plenty of pratical experience at her chosen profession. She learned a great deal from wise old Sevlow of the Mt Desri pack.

Jean soon estalished herself as the Lead Healer of the Fire Eagles and was an avid aid in the construction of the Gardens, which serves as a central workplace for the pack's Healers.