Family of the Bleeding Moon by rebelwolfchris

The Alphas and their offspring, courtesy of a Chris and Sarah collaboration.

Some distance from the ESLP rests a volcano, and the lupes resting in its shadow are known simply as the Lupes of the Bleeding Moon. Led by Dralmorde and his mate Slater, these lupes are allies of the ESLP and Lupine Terrors and, by extension, are enemies of the Fire Eagles and Mt. Desri.

Unlike its affiliate packs, the LBM has no deep-seated persona vendettas against the "good" packs. Instead, the LBM believes itself to be inherently superior to all other lupes. These demonic lupes are refined and almost gentlemanly, but don't be fooled: They are bloodthirsty and twisted, and long only for the destruction of everyone in their way.

The Prophecy of the Bleeding MoonEdit

One single philosophy guides Dralmorde and his pack: That, one day, the bleeding moon shall rise, and beneath its light they shall kill every creature on the planet who is not one of their own. Until that time comes, the demons are satisfied to bide their time and join in their allies' war.

Dralmorde took Brute's sister Slater as his mate, and spawned a large litter of hellions: Devonian, MockSlaughter, Predetor, VenomSake, Phobos, Deimos, Eclipse and Deadwinter. The siblings are divided by a fierce rivalry, with Devonian and Mock facing off against Predetor, who believes herself the rightful heir of the pack. Little does anyone in the pack know that the secret to unlocking the prophecy and bringing out the bleeding moon is none other than scrawny, often-ignored Eclipse.