The Lupine Terrors was formed when Slagar broke away from his family in Mt. Desri. His cousin Max joined the ESLP and quickly assumed the rank of beta male. Slagar and Max had always had a long-standing rivalry, and Slagar decided to found his own splinter-cell pack so that he would not need to submit to the other lupe's authority.

Pack HistoryEdit

The Lupine Terrors are a small pack living in the Dark Forest, and they may have faded into obscurity if it were not for Slagar's choice of mate, a demonic lupess named Kaeerah. Kae, a grand-daughter of Satin, was a young, power-hungry opportunist. Sensing Slagar's weakness and ability to be manipulated, Kae wormed her way into his bed and quickly assumed the role of alpha female.

Slagar is alpha of the Terrors in name only; Kaeerah is truly the creature pulling all the strings. She quickly mothered a litter consisting both of Slagar's pups and those of a soul-stealing demon named Wild, though Slagar never learned of her infidelity. She then sought to achieve a close alliance with Dralmorde, alpha of the Lupes of the Bleeding Moon, by offering one of her daughters as a mate to his son VenomSake.

Pack PhilosophyEdit

In many ways, the Lupine Terrors is the home to those evil lupes who do not entirely fit in with the other packs. Kaeerah is especially fond of monsters, like herself, and she makes sure the pack's borders are always open to mutants and beasts. Many of the Terrors members are also considered to be ESLP members, and the packs maintain a tight bond.