Merry Xmas 06 Doberz by rebelwolfchris

Mavra by Chris

Mavra, or Mav, is the oldest daughter of Chevis and KitKat. She's particularly close to her brother Shultz, and she is quietly devoted to her pack, the Mt. Desri lupes, and its allies the Fire Eagles.


Mav has had a long, troubled life with several missed opportunities. A strong warrior, she's a dedicated protector of her pack. As a young lupe, she grew close to her friend Bold, but romantic feelings never budded between them; Bold went on to take his own mate and have a family, which Mav is now intesnely protective of.

After a brutal attack nearly tore her throat out, Mavra lost her voice entirely. She began to regain some speech after a lont recovery, but she's still a lupess of few words.