Pree is the daughter of Jonsi and Deolaya, the sister of Phoebe and Insolito, and the ambitious young lady who founded the Lupes of the Leaping Hart. She is tall, beautiful, and very serious; she views her pack as her family and is always, always thinking of ways to keep it safe and help it succeed. She is fiercely loyal to her brother and sister and treats the rest of her packmates as a kind of mixture between mother and manager.


Pree's childhood was never easy. Her mother, in an effort to provide for her three pups on her own, dragged Pree and her siblings all over the place, looking for lupes who would find her charming enough to oblige her with some attention and a few free meals. Though Laya's heart was (sort of) in the right place, she was never a very loving, fair or reasonable mother, and that realization became harder and harder for Pree to bear as she grew older. By the time she and her siblings were adolescents, the atmosphere between Pree and her mother had turned poisonous: Pree was relentless about calling Laya out on all the bad and hurtful things she had done to her family, and Laya...well, Laya had no idea there were ways to handle conflict with your teenagers that were different from handling conflict with, say, a dangerous enemy.

Things eventually came to a head when Laya did something past the point of forgiveness, and Pree ran away for good. Soli and Bee followed, and from there, the siblings scraped by on their own, as Pree began to formulate an idea for a pack of lupes who weren't necessarily skilled in useful things, like hunting, but could barter more unusual talents in return for food and protection. Her brother, being a poster boy for useless lupes with interesting skills, ran with the idea, and the two started recruiting for a pack of entertainers, and looking for a place to set up business. They eventually settled in, of all places, the ruins of their early childhood home, the abandoned territory of the Nantika Clan, at which point their lives were consumed with the work of turning the wild old place into an entertainment destination.