Rogue is the middle daughter of Lopey and Blazey's first litter. She and Scott were the smallest of the litter, and her eldest brother Wolverine was feircely protective of her from the beginning. She came under frequent attack from one of the Fire Eagle's earliest enemies, the insane beserker Goast, as an easy target. It was these attacks that led to Rogue growing up a little and beginning to learn self-defense skills from her warrior brother. While she would never have Wolverine's instincts or ferocity, Rogue practiced for many a long day until she was no longer the helpless youth she once was.

In her teen years she began to roam more frequently, sometimes accompanied by her advenurous sister, Storm. She met Kaliasiin on one such trip and quckly settled down with the devoted starry male. She bore him two pups, Gypsy and Aslanae, but was devestated when they vanshed while she was out hunting one day. For several months she wandered in search of her family, but she never found a trace of them. Eventually, Rogue returned home, no longer a flightly youngster, a little wiser to the world. She never spoke to her family about her mate and pups and to this day only those closest to her know.

Rogue was an adult when she properly met Rebel of the Mt. Desri Lupes. Impressed by Rebel's devotion to his blind brother Ice, drawn to his warm nature and finding a kindred spirit in his love of seeing new lands, Rogue soon fell in love and the union became another to firmly secure the tie between Mt. Desri and the Fire Eagles.