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Shultz is the retired head-warrior of the Mt. Desri lupes. Son of Chevis and KitKat, Shultz has spent most of his life as a warrior. He's now an old, grizzled veteran with a somewhat tragic past, but he has managed to find a bit of joy in his adoptive daughter, Jaylin.


Though not the oldest in his litter, Shultz certainly took after his father the most in many ways. The quiet lupe had little interest in leading a pack, though; he's much too gruff and withdrawn to be such a public figure. As a young lupe, he fell in love with a female outside his pack, only to be infected by her vampirism before she left him. He never sought out love again.

Shultz did find friendship in Wolverine, a younger lupe of similar personality and appearance to himself. The two warriors fought side by side in countless battles, and Shultz welcomed him into the family when Wolverine took Shultz's cousin, Tae, as his mate.

In his old age, Shultz adopted a daughter -- the remaining pup of his late cousin Lela. The pup, Jaylin, was taken from the custody of her father, Travis, after he failed to protect her brother from theft by the ESLP.