Old Art 32 Wolverine s family by rebelwolfchris

Tae, or Komnitae, is a daughter of Charon and Myst and warrior of the Mt. Desri and its allies, The Fire Eagles. Mate of Wolverine, she has mothered 14 pups: Shadow, Darian, Lance, Spirit, Mask, NightShade, Jackal, Domino, Sage, Rumble, Tumble, Kinney, Kynerian and Logan.


Serious, hard-working Tae grew up in the same warrior path as her cousins Shultz and Mav. It only made sense that she would find love in Wolverine, the lead warrior of the Fire Eagles and personal friend of her family. Together, the two became one of the first unions between the packs and firmly cemented the alliance.

Unfortunately, Tae and Wolverine's status as primary pack warriors put them and their offspring in constant danger. Pregnant with her first litter, Tae was kidnapped away from the territory and imprisoned deep in ESLP lands. There she bore her pups, despite every attempt to escape.

Her pack did come to her rescue, but in the ensuing chaos only five of the original seven pups were recovered. The other two, girls named NightShade and Mask, would grow up within the ESLP and study under Slash to become dark spies and warriors; the next time Tae saw either pup, they would be enemies.

Tae's pups continued to suffer heavy losses. During Chevis's assassination, Lupine Terrors alpha Kaeerah attacked Shadow, feeding on her soul and leaving her as an empty, apathetic husk of herself. Later, during the Raid, Tae would see the deaths of her two sons, Darian and Jackal. Lance would also suffer terrible injuries. The Raid also saw the death of both of her parents.

Following the Raid, Tae left the pack lands for a while. She had her second litter outside of pack territory, returning briefly to re-acquaint them with their father and pack, before resuming her roaming. Though still devoted in her heart to her family and pack, Tae spends a lot of time searching for answers and peace that she may not find.