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The Fire Eagles Lupe Pack is an ever-growing group of lupes living in Eagle Forest, in the shadow of Mt. Desri. Their territory stretches over the nearby plains and includes the Bluemoon River, which runs the length of the territory and feeds into nearby Dark Forest.

Origins and Early HistoryEdit

Before the Fire Eagles were officially formed, there were just four lupes that lived as pets in a human's backyard: A_E, his brother Lopey, and their mates Flamey and Blazey. Both couples had litters while living as pets. A_E and Flamey had Bold, Daring, Friendly, Fox_e, Hunter, Bounder and Dreamer, while Lopey and Blazey had Wolverine, Storm, Scott, Jean and Rogue.

Realizing that their family had grown well past the size of their home, A_E and his family decided to leave and find their own territory. Traveling far from home, this group of lupes eventually found and settled in what would become known as Eagle Forest. Here they met the lupes of Mt. Desri and formed an alliance.

For some time, the Fire Eagles knew peace. This came to an abrupt end, however, when they provided refuge to Daverone, a son of Brute the Savage who turned away from his family's dark habits. By sheltering Daverone, the Fire Eagles inadvertantly started a war that would go on to claim many lives and alter both packs irrevocably.

Recent TimesEdit

Following the terrible Raid, where many lupes on both sides faced death and injury, the Fire Eagles experienced a period of relative peace. Many of the older generations succumbed to injury, illness or old age, and the younger generations have supplanted them. Following A_E's death, his youngest son Silver Eagle has been named heir to the pack. Until he is old enough to assume this responsibility, the other pack members have stepped in to cover for the pack.

Pack PhilosophyEdit

As a pack, the Fire Eagles believe in peace, but recognize that it's sometimes necessary to fight in order to maintain it. They cherish their families and keep their borders open to anyone who may need their help. Fire Eagles generally treat all strangers as friends until proven otherwise, and they're quite accepting of lupes from all backgrounds so long as the newcomers treat them with respect.