The First by Telaka

The first litter of the Fire Eagles: Friendly, Fox_e, Daring, Bold, Dreamer, Hunter and Bounder, as drawn by DarkOroro

Welcome to the Uncaptured Spirits WikiEdit

In 2000, a group of friends started a roleplaying guild on Neopets. It quickly swelled in size and scope, and twelve years later it's still going strong. The community consists of five large packs and a few outlying groups over a large territory.

There are nine members of the Uncaptured Spirits community: Chris, Sarah, Doberz, Shell, Sash, DarkO, Wolfy, Chibs and Angel.

The Origins of the Uncaptured SpiritsEdit

In the beginning, the Fire Eagles consisted of nothing more than two families: A_E and his brother Lopey, their mates, and their respective children. They moved out into the territory that became known as Eagle Forest, where they met their allies, the Mt. Desri lupes. Together, the two packs began to grow and flourish, welcoming new members with open paws.

Unfortunately for them, the Fire Eagles and the Mt. Desri lupes were not the only creatures living in this territory. Nearby, crouched in the shadows of Dark Forest, was a small group of shadow elementals led by Brute the Savage. Brute and his family were content to live in isolation until one of their own broke away from the family and sought refuge in the Fire Eagles; this single small act was the first spark of what is now a long-standing war between the packs.

Now, the area is home to several families and a number of allied packs. The Eagles and Desri lupes have feline allies, the Hawk Hill Kougra Pride, and they also have a standing alliance with the powerful earth elemental Ulryk and his offspring, as well as the surviving members of the ravaged Nantika Clan.

The Evil Shadowed Lupe Pack, as Brute's family group came to be called, have two allies of their own. One, The Lupine Terrors, is a small splinter cell living within a fortress in Dark Forest. The other, the Lupes of the Bleeding Moon, lives a bit further away and is a tightly-knit pack held together by feelings of supremecy and their worship of the eponymous bleeding moon.

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