Eyes in the bushes

Steel, Zeb, Ky and Terry gaze on the loyal ESLP members Challie and Shinji. Pic by Chris

Zebriaca's pack has no proper name nor true territory. It is simply a small, hidden alcove inside of Border Forest where Zebriaca has spirited away those few lupes she cares about. This unlikely band of misfits are neutral, claiming allegiance to no pack, but they do have a deep-seated distrust of much of the ESLP.

Pack Origin and HistoryEdit

Zebriaca was recruited to the ESLP by Steel, a handsome warrior she met at a riverbank. She was instantly entranced by him, and chose to follow him back to his pack. She quickly realized, however, that she had little in common with the lupes of ESLP. She is far from "good," but she has little patience for the random violence and pointless rage of Brute's family. Nevertheless, she may have stayed within the pack if it weren't for a few things happening at once.

First, Slash seduced Steel and bore him two pups, Flint and Ky. Of the two, Flint turned out every bit as dark and violent as his mother; Ky, on the other hand, was gentle-natured and cursed with his father's steel-tipped fur over every inch of his body. He was, by all accounts, a failure.

Shortly after this happened, Steel disappeared and was presumed dead. Zebriaca, missing the only lupe she cared for in the pack, began to feel a responsibility toward Ky, his half-brother Cypress and his friend Terry. Feeling that these gentle pups would be harmed by the more brutal ESLP members, Zebriaca spirited the pups away and slipped into a quiet, out-of-the-way place where no one would bother them.

When Steel returned to the pack, Zebriaca was quick to pull him back into her sanctuary, and the two became mates. She does not advertise her position, but she does offer a safe place for any lupe who does not fit into either good or evil packs so long as they respect her authority and do not cause trouble.